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​​​​​BHC News & Events:

Introducing online store rewards, posted 03-09-19: We love repeat customers and have finally found a platform to reward our valued online customers in a fashion like those that shop our brick and mortar store here in St Michaels, Maryland. Go into the BHC online store, log in to your account page and find details on the Loyalty tab. It’s simple; buy coffee – earn points – get discount vouchers.

STM re-formulated, posted 02-15-19;We are not quite sure how often the multi- national tech giants re-brand their product by giving it an up-grade and a new version number, but we do our St Michaels Blend every year or so. So it's on to version five.

New Arrival,  Posted 02-09-19:It's back, just in yesterday - green, current crop, natural processed, Maui Yellow Caturra - it's going in the roaster in just a little while.

New arrival, posted 01-15-19: New Sumatran coffee is now in the rotation. This is a double picked, grade 1,  Fair Trade organic coffee. Coffee tag is alongside.

Good news, bad news  posted 12-17-18: We have news regarding a couple of our earlier posts. The bad news is that The Christmas blend for 2018 is sold out. The good news is that two of our most important coffees, that had been difficult to source (see earlier posts 11-07-19 & 07-10-18, Sumatran and Maui Yellow Caturra), have been re-sourced for 2019. We should have an ample and consistent  supply of good quality green coffee for both of these though the end of the year. Look to have both of these wonderful coffees back in the rotation sometime early next year.

Cyber Monday Sale; posted 11-24-18:  Sale starts today when we close at 5:00 pm and runs through Tuesday morning at 5:30am and applies to on-line orders only. Remember local customers can order on-line and select either USPS or pick-up as their delivery option.  

Christmas Blend pre-sale; Posted 11-07-18: Our Christmas Blend is only available this time of year. It is a batch roasted blend of our two premium coffees. Many of our customers agree with us, that over the course of time it continues to be the best coffee we offer.

As we have discussed in previous posts to this page, coffee is a farm crop and is susceptible to yield problems associated with any agricultural product. This past season Lahaina Estates, where our Maui Yellow Caturra is grown, had a diminished yield and exported very little of their coffee to the mainland. We were able to get our hands on one bag and to the dismay of our Maui Grown Coffee lovers we decided to reserve most of it for our Christmas blend

So, what this means is there is a limited amount of this coffee available. We are going to put more than half of what we have available on the website for pre-orders. The remainder will be made available for sale in the shop. Either way it won’t be around for long, so purchase yours soon. Pre-order is as easy as 1-2-3.

1.    Open an account on our on-line market. If you already have an account, you are ready to go.

2.    Place your order. Remember to select your grind style as well as your delivery method. Local customers can choose pick-up as their delivery option.

3.    Place your order now to guarantee availability. Put a note in the comments section of your order to let us know when you want your order shipped or ready for picked up. We will reserve it for you and roast it fresh for you for availability on that date

Up-coming events; posted 10-24-18: Next week - Wednesday is Halloween and Saturday is Oyster Jam at Phillips Warf Environmental Center. We will be doing coffee, hot chocolate and candy out front for Halloween; coffee and hot chocolate at Oyster Jam. Be sure to stop by, even if it's just to say Hi!

New Arrival, posted 09-17-18: A swiss water organic  decaffeinated blend. The only blend that we do no do in house. Read more, the tag is along side

Cascara Iced Tea; posted 08-08-18: Read below, our post dated 3-25-18. We take the raw ingredient in Caskia (cascara tea) and make our own iced tea. Made daily - now if you prefer iced tea we have two options. Try it, naturally sweet and a little fruitier than  our other house made green tea and chia option, we think you will like it.

New BHC Limited; posted 08-01-18: We've done it again. This is a triple batch blend. The last time we did a limited offering we did just ten pounds and it sold out in a little more than a week. Don't wait on this one, it won't be around long. 

New arrival; posted 07-25-16: A Honey processed Costa Rican Tarrauz. Honey Processed Coffee is truly a misnomer. No honey is used in the processing and the coffee that results from the process does not have the flavor of honey.  So, rather than removing all the fruit before drying, like washed coffee, or drying the bean inside the fruit, like natural coffee, honey processed coffee just leaves a bit of the inside of the fruit stuck to the bean while it dries.

New arrivals; posted 07-10-18:  several new arrivals over the last couple weeks. A Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee from Peru, a Cup of Excellence winner from Brazil and a Sumatran Gayo to replace our long time favorite and often used Sumatran Ketiara. We have used Sumatran coffee from the Ketiara cooperative in the Salt & Pepper Blend,  the Vienna Roast, the Tricycle Blend, as a single origin coffee and in our malted barley infused cold brew; for all four years we have been in business. So, as you can see it is very important to much of what we do and the consistent good quality to several of our coffee products.

Sumatran Coffees, in general,  have suffered massive crop failures in the current crop year, which means the price is up and availability is down. What little of the coffee from our favorite cooperative, that was available, has been bought up by larger roasters. The winter crop which starts in October looks good, not a bumper crop, but a rebound from two crop failures. It’s still early but producers are optimistic and exporters are cautiously hopeful.

So what this means for us: We have been able to find a quality new Sumatran that closely matches the profile and cooperative character of the Ketiara. We have hopefully secured enough to get us through the fall season, in hopes that Sumatran Ketiara will again be available this year. In the short term, this means you might notice a subtle change in the character of the products listed above. In the long term it could mean that some of these products may fall out of the rotation at some point this year.

The tags for both new arrivals and the new Sumatran are alongside

New cascara infused beverage; posted 03-28-18:Voted best new product - consumable - at Coffee Fest 2018. We are excited to offer this unique new product.