​​​​​BHC News & Events:
Small remodeling project. Posted 01-27-18: ​We are taking advantage of our early closing time - winter hours -  during the week and working on a couple small changes to the café area of the shop. Stay tuned we will post some pictures when they are all complete or come on in to see the progress.

Version #04 St Michaels Blend, posted 01-15-18: The previous version left us along with the Papua New Guinea. The coffee tag is along side..

Posted 12-14-17: new arrivals:Over the last few days we have       introduced two new coffees and a Cold Brew Ingredients Kit. Bag tags for all three are alongside. A few added notes: 1) If you are not familiar with the term, peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow flat against each other like halves of a peanut, but in about 5% of the world's coffee a single bean (peaberry) is formed. They are smaller, rounder, normally a little denser and fans think noticeably sweeter and more flavorful than standard beans. 2) Falling out of the rotation to make room for the two new coffees are our Mexican Chiapas and our Papua New Guinea. 3) Our Cold Brew kits are available both in shop & on-line

Cyber Monday Sale: posted 11-25-17: Details along side, click on SHOP to go to our online market.

New food items; posted 11-20-17: We are very excited to announce a new collaboration between Blue Heron Coffee and Farm to Fork, a local Meal Delivery Service. Chef Barbara Hellish will be preparing breakfast sandwiches and some lunch items for us each week. These items are perfect to carry home or to enjoy in our cafe. Click on the Specials tabs to see this week’s selections.

Gift Bags; Posted 11-17-17: Just for the Holidays, we offer a promotion on gift bags.

Holiday Blend; Posted 11-13-17: ​Our Christmas Blend is only availbe around the holiday each year. It is a wonderful blend of our two premium coffees Batch roasted creating a perfect flavor profile for the holidays.

Trick or Treat, posted 10-27-17: Trick or Treat on Chestnut and Chew Streets is a real carnival. If you have never done it you need to. We will be out in front of the shop joining in the fun, handing out candy and selling coffee & hot chocolate. Hope to see you there.

They're Back, Posted 10-20-17: Our Library exhibit space is once again the home of The Wood Heads. Each figure is a one of a kind original. Some heads  are of individuals you might recognize, others creations of the artist.  All are whimsical caricatures meant to bring a smile. The wood comes from throughout the world and includes rare pieces like bubinga, jarrah, bass, cherry, redwood etc. The carver Nick Andes is a resident of St Michaels. This exhibit will be on display through the middle of January.

ESB Blue Heron Coffee Porter, posted 09-07-17: The photo to the side is twenty pounds of fresh roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ready for delivery to our friends at Eastern Shore Brewing. Look for the Blue Heron Coffee Porter to be available at the brewery in a couple weeks. Locally roasted coffee as a quality ingredient in a local craft brewed beer. What could be better? We thank the guys at ESB.  Make sure you give it a try, it's delish - and don’t forget our cold brew is paired with a malted barley we get from Eastern Shore Brewing. Also delish. This is small town collaboration at it’s best.

Version #03 St Michaels Blend, posted 08-22-17: The previous version left us along with the Costa Rican Tarrazu.

New Arrival, Posted  07-26-17: A new Guatemalan coffee is added to the rotation as the Costa Rican Tarrazu leaves us. See the coffee tag along side.