Fresh Fruit​

Yogurt & Granola ---------------------------------------------$3.47


​​Chef's Choice Frittata --------------------------------------- $5.00

A gluten free egg dish, prepared with local fresh vegetables and of course eggs and cheese.

​​​​​Cinnamon Amaretto Biscotti--$1.60

Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and Amaretto. With a little bit of a glaze drizzle.

​​​​​Single Cup Pour-over --------------------------- $3.02 or $4.12* 

A special preparation utilizing a porcelain cone, paper filter and special kettle for exact agitation and extraction of the medium fine grind..

Chef's Choice Quiche --------------------------------------- $5.25

Egg and cheese pie with a beautiful pastry crust. The filling is the choice of chef Steve Konopelski

​​​​​Coconut Macaroon -----------------$1.60

A gluten free selection. With sweetened coconut, salt, sugar, egg whites, vanilla bean paste & almond extract

Yogurt & Both --------------------------------------------------$4.17

​​​​​Crumb Bar ------------------------------ $4.80

All purpose flour, butter, brown sugar, salt, cinnamon, baking soda & fruit jam.

​​​​Cookie, 3pk-----------------------------$4.50 

Also chefs choice, to include chocolate chip, oatmeal, ginger, etc..

L​​​​​​​​​​arge French Press------------------------------ $5.52 or 8.25* 

As Above. Perfect for two people to share

Bottled Drinks

​​​​​Brewed Coffee 16oz ---------------------------- $1.98 or $3.15* 

As above. We also offer all our coffees to go (served in paper) or to enjoy in our cafe (served in porcelain)

Other Drinks


​​​​​Small French Press---------------------------- $3.07 or $4.19* 

Clasic European preparation utilizing a glassbeaker with a fine mesh screen in a four minute extraction. Perfect for one.

​​Savory Options


Our pastries are baked by a classically trained pastry chef, Steve Konopelski of Turnbridge Point Bed & Breakfast in Denton, Maryland. Steve has competed in and won competitions on The Food Network..

Yogurt & Blueberry Parfait ---------------------------------$2.82

​​​​​​​​​​Blueberry Muffin -------------------- $3.80

Wheat flour, malted barley flour, eggs, butter, blueberries, lemon zest with a crumb topping

Cragel ------------------------------------------------------------- $4.00

A cross between a bagel and a croissant with everything on the top and a dollop of cream cheese in the middle.

Apple Juice........$1.00               Orange Juice..............$1.40

Water.................$1.00               Caskia..........              $3.50


​​​​​Iced Coffee ------------------------------------------------------ $1.98 

Blended and chilled overnight, so your are not adding ice to a hot beverage, resulting in a luke warm mess.

​​​​​Lunch Wrap

Meat, cheese, vegies, and dipping sauce of the chef's choice

Hot Chocolate       $4.40                  Iced Tea          .$1.98

Hot Tea             $1.32/$1.65            Iced Cascara    $1.98            

​​​​​​​Chef's Choice Muffin ------------ $3.80

We let chef come up with a second choice, sometimes fruit and sometimes  savory, it's a surprise




All of our coffee drinks are, of course, prepared with our very own fresh roasted coffee beans. Our primary interest is in roasting and selling roasted beans, but we also sell a really good cup of coffee. We have fifteen different coffees in stock, from around the world  - geography, climate and elevation effect the flavor profile of each single origin coffee.
Our Food Philosophy: Coffee comes from all around the world. More specifically it comes from all around the equator, generally grown in climates that exist just ten degrees or so from the equator.  This then means that our primary product is shipped from the far corners of the world, carrying a rather large environmental burden, so it is important to us to reduce our environmental impact in other ways as much as possible. For this reason our food is and always will be locally sourced. We are coffee roasters first & foremost and do not have a commercial kitchen. Instead our menu items are completely provided by local professional chefs. Thanks to Turnbridge Point B&B and Piazza Italian Market for your support and beautiful products.
​​​​​* Our BHC reserve Coffees need to be priced a little higher in the cup. BHC reserve is basically any bean that sells for more than $20.00 per pound.

​​​​​Brewed Coffee 12oz ---------------------------- $1.51 or $1.98* 

We run a selection of four coffees through the electric brewers each day. Check the web and social sites for todays selections

​​​​​Cold Brew ------------------------------------------------------- $2.83 

A collaboration with Eastern Shore Brewing. Coarsley ground Sumatran Coffee is paired with two row chocolate malted barley in a 16 hour cold water extraction. Drink like a local