The Parsonage Inn

​Serving BHC French press.

​Sampling BHC brewed coffee and bulk coffee sales; including their own proprietary blend - Olivins Twist.

Small town collaboration at it's best -  they provide barley for our Cold Brew, we provide coffee for their Coffee Porter.

​Serving BHC brewed coffee. and espresso based drinks

​Bulk coffee sales.

Another great small town collaboration - serving Olivins Twist Coffee. Provided by BHC but only available for purchase next door at Olivins

​Serving BHC brewed coffee and coffee cocktails

​Serving BHC espresso based drinks

There is a favorite saying you will see & hear around town  - "Drink like a Local" - you'll hear it in bars, you'll  see it in markets where you can buy beer & wine, you'll see it at the wineries, the distillery and of course at the brewery; we think they actually coined the saying.  Even  though St. Michaels can  be described as the classic drinking town with a sailing problem, this catch all phrase is not really about the consumption of adult beverages at all. It is instead,  about  a small town supporting the efforts of it's local artisans, recognizing that whether you stitch sail cloth or brew beer, or in our case roast specialty coffee beans, the community of St. Michaels is here to support you and reward you for your worthy efforts. 

The links below are for local businesses that truly understand the "Drink Like a Local" credo  and where, more importantly, you can find Blue Heron Coffee.