We believe in single origin coffee!

Normally we have fifteen current crop Arabica coffees in stock, many will change seasonally.   * means we try to have these at all times.

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Tricycle Blend  *

  • A well balanced three continent blend
  • Medium Dark Roast, pulled at 458 degrees

Colombian Tolima *

  • Notes of caramel, citrus  and black tea
  • Medium Roast, pulled at 450 degrees

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe *

  • Bright citrus notes
  • Light Roast, pulled at 425 degrees

Vienna Roast  *

  • Rich & bold  - our darkest roast
  • ​Dark Roast, pulled at 470 degrees

Sumatran Arisarnia  *

  • Notes of dried cherries, almonds and honey
  • Medium Roast, pulled at 450 degrees

Guatemalan Atitlan 

  • Notes of almond, caramel and chocolate
  • Medium Roast, pulled at 440 degrees

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Haitian Blue Mountian  *

  • Notes of dark chocolate with a sweet finish
  • Medium Roast, pulled at 440 degrees

St Michaels Blend V06  *

  • Batch roasted Costa Rican & Ethiopian
  • Dark Roast, pulled at 465 degrees

Maui Yellow Caturra  *

  • Notes of cinnamon and allspice
  • Light Roast, pulled at 435 degrees

Costa Rican Don Claudio *

  • Notes of chocolate, melon and orange
  • Medium, pulled at 450 degrees

Decaf Mexican

  • Swiss Water - Notes of toffee and caramel.
  • Medium Roast, pulled at 440 degrees